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    Which TOP 50 Jobs Require Handwriting Proficiency?

    Gainful and satisfying employment is an important life goal for most people. It is something that we parents think about for our kids’ future. Based on this list of the Top 50 jobs with the highest demand in Florida, I would estimate that more than 60% of these jobs require legible handwriting. More and more, electronic records and computer based communications are replacing paperwork as the primary modality. However, neatly handwritten reports, completion of forms, and personalized notes, all of which create lasting impressions on clients, will always be valuable in the business world.

    What about cursive handwriting needs in our future business culture? Do you think it will be necessary, or simply a quaint tradition?


    A report released by Florida Department of Economic Development has revealed the jobs with the highest demand statewide for 2014-2015.