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    > > As a parent of a 7 year old, who sought out Marla’s help and expertise, the main thing I can say is “THANK YOU!!!” I am so thankful to Marla for all the amazing work she has done with my son. We began going to Marla because my son was showing difficulty with his pencil grip and handwriting. After having my son evaluated though, I learned there were other things that were impacting his ability to write. Marla created a therapy program that was specifically designed to meet the needs of my son and to foster his growth and development. My son has shown amazing progress since working with Marla. Each therapy session is engaging and fun, while simultaneously pushing my son to grow and strengthen in the areas that can be difficult for him. My son has made great growth with his gross motor, fine motor, and handwriting skills. Marla has helped set my son up for success within the academic setting and beyond. So even though the main thing I want to say is “thank you,” thank you just doesn’t seem to express enough gratitude for all the help and support Marla has provided to my son and our family.

    ~ Kimberly H.


    >> Three of our children have received services in the past from Marla. She created an individualized plan for each of them based on their unique needs. Our youngest son is a current client and he has made great strides in all areas of his development. Marla helps kids lay a solid foundation for not only academic success, but success in all areas of their development. Marla is a skilled and caring therapist and I can highly recommend her services!

    ~ Jennifer D.


    >> When our daughter, Rose (6), started showing odd signs while learning to read and doing handwriting, we were at a loss. After listening carefully to our concerns, Marla gave her an evaluation and we were amazed at how thorough it was! She discovered midline issues we didn’t even know existed and continued by helping us understand visual loss, auditory processing disorder and dysgraphia. She handled our numerous questions with ease and even recommended some books to help us. 

      Rose has been in session with Marla for a few months and she loves it. She can’t wait to do her “homework” during the week and constantly tells us how much fun OT is! We have seen a huge improvement in such a short time. Rose has gained control of her visual loss and the consequences for her reading and handwriting have been tremendous. Marla is very kid oriented and we have seen her challenge Rose but is always encouraging and supportive. We are very grateful for her knowledge and experience as our daughter’s occupational therapist. 

    ~ Brittany H.


    >> Mrs. Marla is the best !!! My son’s Primitive Reflexes has improved tremendously due to the exercises Mrs. Marla assigned to him. His Auditory Processing has also improved due to the ILS program. He is focusing a lot better and doing great academically. I am so happy and grateful to have found A+ Handwriting.

    ~ Ashley, N.


    >> I brought my 10 yr old son to see Marla because despite all my best efforts, his handwriting was well below grade level, and his frustrations with writing were becoming a source of anxiety for him. Through her engaging therapy techniques, his handwriting improved dramatically in just a couple of months. She has a remarkable ability to integrate whole body balancing and exercise techniques with a variety of fine motor activities to develop and strengthen muscle tone. I never realized how so many seemingly simple things like posture and muscle tone would have such an impact on handwriting. Marla always did a wonderful job of explaining what her therapy would include and what her goal was for my son. My son would actually get excited about going to her sessions because she made it so much fun! I highly recommend Marla and A+ Handwriting.

    ~ Tanya


    >> Just a note to say my son, a high school senior, was one of Marla’s students for handwriting. He has had many therapies over the years and he has progressed further under Marla’s direction than with any other therapist. I was afraid his handwriting was unrepairable since he had reached high school, but I was wrong. Marla gave us hope!

    ~ Suzann


    >> Marla has been a good fit for our daughter. She goes out of her way to find fun activities that both challenge and engage her. We are now witnessing our daughter more interested in learning and handwriting at home, and her pencil grip is improving. Marla is very knowledgeable and is always helping me with suggestions of little tips and tricks that I can do at home to help my daughter progress. Marla is kind and caring, yet finds creative ways to make my daughter work hard ~ exactly what she needs!

    ~ Jennifer


    >> My son has been working with Marla for several months. His handwriting was illegible, and we discovered there are physical reasons for that. He enjoys his sessions with her and we have seen improvement in handwriting and other important learning skills. Marla always includes activities for him to do so that he feels like he is playing instead of working, and her gentle manner makes him comfortable. I would highly recommend Marla to anyone with a child needing help with handwriting.

    ~ Lisette